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Masterflex would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin Dawson, our Quality Representative, for his hard work and dedication in up grading our Quality Management System to comply with the requirements of BSEN 9001 2015. As one of the leading UK Manufactures of flexible hoses and ductings, we are committed to ensure that the manufacture and supply of our products are carried out to a standard that exceeds the expectations of our Customers and our interested Parties. [ 104 more words ]

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Did you know the Wimbledon Championship started on 9 July 1877 (140 years ago) and the Gentlemen's Singles was the only event held? I never realised that this is actually the oldest Tennis Tournament in the World! Today is the first day of the 2017 Tournament with British ladies hopeful, Laura Robson, who shot to fame when she won the Junior Girls' Singles title at Wimbledon in 2008, she is set to play on Court 18 today at 11.30, against #97 ranking, Beatriz Haddad Maia a 21 year from Brazil. [ 200 more words ]

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At Masterflex, we have a range of hoses suitable for use with street cleaners, grass cutting and leaf litter collection. The Streetmaster LF hose is a black, 0.7mm wall thickness polyester polyurethane hose, reinforced with an embedded PVC coated high tensile steel wire helix. (This is the large black hose you see on the back of street sweepers.) Master PUR L(..Cont..) [ 55 more words ]

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Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Son of the HRH Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, was born on the 21st June 1982. The first heir to the British throne to be born in a hospital, (St Mary’s Hospital in London), where his own two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte would be born three decades later. William was educated at Eton College and later attended St Andrews University, where of course, he met Kate Middleton. [ 192 more words ]

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♥♥♥♥ It’s nearly that time of the year again when dads all across the country will be getting spoilt. What presents do you normally get on Father’s Day? Do you receive the same presents each year? Socks, alcohol or your favourite sweets? Here at Masterflex, we have 7 members of staff who are Dads, and 3 of them are Grandads! [ 50 more words ]

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Did you know that it was only in 1905 the post of Prime Minister was officially given recognition? However, it has been said that the first ever Prime Minister for Great Britain was Sir Robert Walpole, who led Great Britain for 21 years in 1721-42, although some may argue that the first "Prime Minister" of the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland) was in fact William Pitt the Younger. [ 102 more words ]

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What a Circuit!!!! (..Cont..)(..Cont..)..(..Cont..)it consists on the city Streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, which include the famous harbour. The Circuit has many elevation changes and tight corners and the narrow course makes it one of the demanding tracks in Formula One racing. It has been named as an exceptional location of glamour and prestige!!! The first “Grand Prix(..Cont..) [ 128 more words ]

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In 1967, 50 years ago, Sandie Shaw won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Puppet on a String” for the United Kingdom (..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)can Lucie Jones, this year’s representative, go on to win the 2017 Eurovision Contest with her song “Never Give Up on You” or will the favourites, from Italy, take the title?? The last Eurovision Contest the United Kingdom won was back in 1997 with “Love Shine a Light” by Katrina and the Waves. [ 191 more words ]

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Breaking the four minute barrier was first achieved on the 6th May 1954 at Oxford University’s Iffley Road Track, by Roger Bannister at the age of 25 years old. The actual time was 3.59.4 minutes - that’s an average running speed of 15mph(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)The track was later named after him!! In 1975 he was quite rightly knighted for his legendary achievement and he became Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister. [ 61 more words ]

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Here at Masterflex, we manufacture hoses and ducting to suit many different industries. Do you work in Construction or Woodworking and require flexible hoses, on a next day delivery? We can send all stock items out for delivery, if the order has been received before 2:30pm. Masterflex use a wide variety of couriers for the best results and the prices are as follows: [ 132 more words ]

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What is clinical waste and waste removal? Definition: Clinical waste consists of medical waste that could pose a threat to public health unless properly disposed of. It is a category of hazardous waste, and has to be collected under tightly controlled conditions and disposed of by incineration. It cannot be put with normal rubbish. The process is legally enforced by strict government regulations. [ 214 more words ]

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Born April 21st 1929, and christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace, Princess Elizabeth spent much of her early years enjoying a quiet family life with her parents, and sister Princess Margaret. Today she turns 91 years old and usually spends her actual birthday privately. The occasion is marked publicly by gun salutes in central London at midday: a 41 gun salute in Hyde Park, a 21 gun salute in Windsor Great Park and a 62 gun salute at the Tower of London. [ 67 more words ]

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Here at Masterflex, we manufacture hoses and ducting to suit many different industries. Do you work in Construction or Woodworking and require flexible hoses, on a next day delivery? We can send all stock items out for delivery, if the order has been received before 2:30pm. If you can’t see your industry, then call us and we can give you some advice on a suitable product. [ 52 more words ]

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Here at Masterflex, we are getting ready to enjoy the long weekend. Relaxing, eating Easter treats and visiting family and friends is something we are all looking forward to. Have you got any plans? Maybe an Easter egg hunt, baking, or time away for a couple of days? Don’t forget Masterflex will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday, but open as normal from Tuesday 18th April. Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park, Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER Tel: 0161 626 8066 Fax: 0161 626 9066 Monday - Friday: 8 - 5pm

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We loved the Grand National in our house(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..)(..Cont..).at 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon, live on BBC1, the Grand National would take place, but we never watched it at home! My Dad would go through the “pull out” in the paper and contemplate which horses he would lay his bets on. Then he’d turn to us kids and say “pick a horse”. [ 154 more words ]

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♥♥♥ Did you know Mothering Sunday, sometimes known as Mother’s Day, is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday, and this year Mothering Sunday falls on 15th March. What have you bought your mum? Flowers, chocolates or something a bit more personalised. Whether you are relaxing or you have made plans, Masterflex would like to wish every Mum, Grandma and Nana a great day.

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Vera Welch was born on 20 March 1917 in East Ham, part of east London. By the age of seven, Vera was singing in working men's clubs. When she turned 11, Vera took her grandmother's maiden name of Lynn as a stage name. In 1936, when she was 19, she had her first solo record - called Up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire. [ 116 more words ]

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Today, March 17th, celebrates the life and work of the patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Lutheran Church. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. [ 146 more words ]

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And they’re off!!!!!!

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Frankie Howerd ..... born on the 6 March 1917 and sadly passed away on 19 April 1992, he has to be one of England's best comedians and comic actors!!. Here's a picture of a true legend to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday. What a "Carry on"........ If you are a new customer and would like to know what products we manufacture then call us on 0161 626 8066 or simply see our(..Cont..) [ 25 more words ]

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So who will win the EFL Cup on Sunday??. This should be a great match!!!! The English Football League Cup was first held in 1960-61 and it is one of the top three football competitions in England. The tournament is played over seven rounds, with single leg ties throughout, except the semi-finals. The final is held at Wembley Stadium and it is the only tie in the competition played at a neutral venue and on a weekend...........so, if you are off to Wembley on Sunday, (..Cont..) [ 67 more words ]

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Happy Valentines day(..Cont..)(..Cont..).(..Cont..).the day of love. So who is your Valentine???(..Cont..)(..Cont..).Shhhh!!!!! So many of you will be receiving Valentines Day Cards, red roses and chocolates and celebrating the night with your perfect match. Here at Masterflex, creating the perfect match is easy, as every product we manufacture is made to suit each persons specific requirements. If you are a new customer and would like to know what products we manufacture then call us on 0161 626 8066 Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park, Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER info@masterflex-uk.com ♥♥♥♥

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WHERE TO FIND US!http://masterflex-ukblog.com/2017/02/09/where-to-find-us

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Congratulations to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Yesterday Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee(..Cont..)..65 years on the throne!!. On the 6th February 1952, her Father, King George VI passed away in his sleep at Sandringham, at the age of 56 years old. Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne at the age of 25 and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2nd June 1953. [ 52 more words ]

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Chinese New Year 2017 will take place from January 28 to February 11 “Kung hay fat choy” The year of the Rooster!! Did you know that the Chinese celebrate their New Year by exchanging red envelopes with money inside to each other. The red paper envelope is said to be the symbol of energy and it represents happiness and luck. It is said to be impolite to open a red envelope in front of the person who has given it to you. [ 32 more words ] http://masterflex-ukblog.com/2017/01/27/chinese-new-year-2017

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