Master PUR Trivolution - A superpowered combination!

Antistatic + Hardly Inflammable + Microbe-Resistant

A Powerhouse with Unbeatable Features!

Master-PUR Trivolution is the brand new superhero in the Masterflex product range and offers unbeatable antistatic, hardly inflammable & microbe-resistant features.

The Master PUR Trivolution series is a further development of the industry-renowned Master PUR hose range, which is a direct result of our customers‘ wishes. The Master PUR Trivolution consists of pure polyesterpolyurethane (PU). The polyester PU applied here is equipped with much improved mechanical features in comparison to the more often-used and conventional polyether-PU.

Hoses in the Trivolution range are:-

  • Master-PUR L-F Trivolution (0.4 - 0.5 mm wall)
  • Master-PUR L Trivolution (0.7 mm wall)
  • Master-PUR H Trivolution (1.4 mm wall)
  • Master-PUR HX Trivolution (1.7 - 2.1 mm wall)

User Benefits:

The combined powersof the Master-PUR Trivolution create a quantifiable added value and at no extra cost! Even with its newly modified raw material mix, the high-performance materials guarantee unbeatable product life-cycles, making the all-new Master-PUR Trivolution highly versatile & universally